Average Compensation For Whiplash Settlement Claims

The average whiplash settlement claim following a car accident is $6,250. Settlement claim amounts range from $2,500 to $10,000 for mild to moderate whiplash (the most common type of injury suffered.)

Trial verdicts and settlement amounts can vary a great deal. More serious cases where treatements such as physical therapy are required over several months may cost the defendant upwards of $30,000. Beyond soft tissue damage, neck injuries where the vertebrae or nerves are affected can sometimes result in verdicts or settlements in excess of $100,000.

Certain legal steps are necessary for victims of a whiplash injury claim so they can retain their ability to get compensation for damages that were caused by another negligent party. The majority of injury claims are being settled before going to trial but often you will have to file a lawsuit against parties who are potentially liable and then negotiate a settlement from there.

The Nature Of Whiplash Injuries

Time plays a factor in filing a lawsuit for whiplash injuries. Many times the extent of the injury is not immediately apparent and may take several days to a week to be recognized by legal professionals and patients. Furthermore, this really only applies to whiplash injuries that are minor and these symptoms are likely to dissipate on their own over time.

In serious cases, you can suffer prolonged and immediate medical issues for whiplash injuries. Although often written off as a nuisance, they are very serious medical injuries depending on the extent of soft tissue overextension and neck ligaments. Integral for appropriate mobility and comfort, ay significant alteration or damage to the cervical region poses complications that are potentially lifelong affecting the victims’ ability to live free of pain and their physical ability to move. The claims process is a little more difficult to navigate as whiplash is hard to document in medical records.

Duration Of Pain Impacts The Claim Value

Minor cases of whiplash dissipate within a week and even the most severe examples ease within three months. So it is always possible the lingering symptoms you are experiencing are something other than whiplash. They may be indicative of damage to the cervical spine (the uppermost C1-C7 vertebrae) including damages to discs or intervertebral joints. You may also have damage to your ligaments or cervical muscles or injure the nerve roots in your neck. These lasting symptoms should not be written off as whiplash. Obtain medical treatment with your medical professional until you start seeing positive results.

Your well-being and overall health are very important. All the more so when you are involved in an insurance claim that is injury-related or a personal injury lawsuit. It is crucial to have documented medical evidence for every injury if you are seeking your case to be resolved in a manner that is satisfactory.

The Claims Process Concerning Whiplash Injury

An attorney is the only one who can advice victims accurately on the best methodology to pursue legal claims related to whiplash personal injuries. Filing a lawsuit against potentially liable and negligent parties is just one step that has the potential to lead to an offer of settlement. Victims must primarily document and recognize the damages relevant to their claim before they notify any party of their intent to bring a lawsuit. The victim also needs to look at their claim adopting a legal standpoint to decide whether a given claim is viable.

When To See An Attorney

If you want any amount of success, realize only an attorney can advise whiplash injury victims for their personal injury claims. On their own, victims will most likely fail in their attempts to file viable claims against parties that are liable and be unprepared to handle the negotiations for a claim settlement in a way that will work in their favor. Use legal counsel to confirm, retain and pursue the rights that are legally yours after a whiplash injury or accident.

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