What To Do After A Bike Crash

When you have been in a bike crash, the following list includes important items you need to be aware of. Firstly, do not refer to them as accidents as it infers the accident was unavoidable. In most cases it is the driver of the vehicle who made the wrong choice, so the preferred vernacular is “bicycle crash.”

  • Keep a cell phone, your identification, emergency contact details as well as a pen and paper to write with.
  • Call 911 to summon the ambulance and/or police without delay. If you cannot do so, ask someone to help on your behalf.
  • Always wait for the arrival of the police so they can file an official police report. A police report provides documentation detailing the incident, including the identity of any witnesses.
  • Obtain a business card from the police officer.
  • It is best the police see the accident scene undisturbed so leave your bike in the same state it was prior to the crash.
  • If there were any witnesses obtain their contact information.
  • Seek immediate medical attention, either on the scene, hospital, doctors office or if you are in doubt, the emergency room. State all the complaints you have to the Doctor. Medical records are evidence you were hurt and injured and it documents the extent of your injuries.
  • Take photos with your camera of your bicycle and your injuries.
  • Never negotiate who was at fault with the driver. Get their name, insurance info together with the names of any passengers.
  • Talk to a lawyer before you say anything to an insurance company.

Safety Tips

Always remember these basic bicycling rules:

  • Never ride against the direction of traffic.
  • Obey traffic signals and stop at all stop signs.
  • Become aware of vehicular blind spots.
  • It can be unsafe as well as a violation of local laws to bike on the sidewalk.
  • Utilize bike lanes whenever it is safe to do so.
  • Make sure you are always wearing a helmet.
  • Ensure your bike lights are working when you are riding at night.

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