When you hit a pedestrian with your car it is is vitally imortant you understand the consequences you may be a facing as a result. Of course, you must always keep an eye on pedestrians and do whatever you can to avoid hitting them with your vehicle. Some of the consequences when you do strike a peedestrian with your automobile include criminal charges, fines and loss of driving privileges. Read on to learn more of what you may expect if you strike a pedestrian while behind the wheel of your car.


It is more than likely you will face a fine when you hit someone with your car. One consideration is whether you hit the person with an intent to do so or just through negligent behavior. If you struck a pedestrian because you did not know the traffic laws, expect a higher fine than if the person was jaywalking. In such cases, your fine may be smaller or you may not be liable for the fines.

Criminal Charges

Criminal charges are always a possibility when you have hit someone with your vehicle and it may be accompanied by substantial fines. If the pedestrian was to die, there is a good chance you will face manslaughter charges resulting in a long term prison sentence. If you committed a hit and run crime, the sentence may also be harsher than normal. These charges are likely to happen if the person was hit intentionally. However, if you did all you could to avoid the accident, you may be exempt from criminal charges.

Drivers License

When you have hit a pedestrian there is a good chance you may lose your driving privileges. Your license will become invalid on a temporary basis and you will not be allowed to legally operate a vehicle. You will also have to go through certain steps for license reinstatement. In some cases, you may have your license revoked where it will no longer be at all valid. This is far more likely to happen if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs or you hit a pedestrian.


Some exceptions can be granted but the yare not very common but for example, if the pedestrian is at fault. A good instance of this would be if the pedestrian has been drinking or taking drugs and showing complete disregard for their own safety means you will be exempt from disciplinary consequences.  Pedestrians who cross streets illegally will also allow you to avoid consequences for hitting them. Drivers who obey traffic laws and report an accident that includes hitting a pedestrian, will also likely receive an exception.

What To Remember

You never want to hit a pedestrian of course and you know it is vital to follow the traffic laws and kee pa lookout at all times for pedestrians, to keep you and them safe. If you do hit a pedestrian it is likely your punishment may include imprisonment, fines and the loss of your driving privileges and/or license.

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