Did a dog bite you, and now you want to be compensated? Wondering what the average dog bite settlement is? This post should help!

Expectations for Your Dog Bite Settlement

Dog bites can be a very terrifying ordeal, usually unexpected and virtually painful all the time. Amazingly, dog bite cases have seen an upswing in recent years, which has caused the subject to be closer to the front lines of legal cases.

Overall, dog bite cases involve an animal that is excessively aggressive mixed in with the wrong situation—a dog improperly licensed, not on a leash, being properly tied up, or similar. Injuries suffered in dog bite cases can range from superficial cuts and scratches to major disfigurement requiring prolonged hospital time.

Average Dog Bite Settlements

As reported by Insurance Journal, dog bite cases have made up nearly one-third of all homeowner insurance claims, with a 67 % increase in insurance claim size since 2003. In 2014, the average dog bite settlement climbed to over $32,000, an increase caused by several considerations.

One thing to take into account is the rising cost of medical care. Once your medical bills are totaled up, homeowners insurance companies take those costs and, if the courts determine in favor of the plaintiff, they will pay you for the total

Occasionally you can be awarded more than the cost of your medical bills for the dog bite case. If you couldn’t work and lost wages, can influence the amount of the settlement. In addition, emotional distress and other factors can increase the settlement amount you receive.

It is also important to know that the term “dog bite case” is usually attributed to all cases involving injuries caused by dogs. The increases, as mentioned above, commonly also include being knocked down by a dog and the resulting fractures and sprains that can happen.

Nationally, the value of claims has climbed to over $500 million as reported by Insurance Journal, with a record 16,550 claims being documented.

Don’t Go It Alone

Dog bite cases are no laughing matter. Thoughtless and irresponsible dog owners, inexperienced trainers, and those who breed dogs to be vicious are out there and should not own nor care for dogs.

The pain and suffering resulting from a dog bite can be overwhelming, which means having the proper representation is vital.

Settlement Amounts

The amount of damage inflicted is probably the most common sticking point in dog bite lawsuit settlements. Two kinds of damages that are usually claimed by the plaintiff:

General Damages

General Damages are claims for noneconomic injuries directly associated with the dog bite like pain and suffering, emotional anguish, or disfigurement.

Special Damages

Special Damages are economic losses that are directly associated with the dog bite and are measurable, such as the cost of stitches or surgery for the dog bite.

An agreement on special damages is easily reached when the injured party can produce evidence of all of the expenses and documentation clearly relating the treatment or expenses to the dog bite incident.


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