Single Vehicle Accident

When a single car is invovled in an accident, the driver is normally deemed to be at fault. Read on to learn more. 

A single vehicle accident includes striking an object along the side of the road ,spinning out without hitting anything, running off the road or flipping over.

Not Liable?

The failure to drive with reasonable care can amount to negligence, which forms the basis of fault in most car accident situations. First, let’s say Driver A is proceeding north on a two-lane highway. Driver B is headed south. Driver A is texting, and drifts into the southbound lane. Driver B swerves to avoid a collision and ends up crashing. In this case, there was no collision, so Driver B was technically involved in a single-vehicle accident. But the accident was not Driver B’s fault. Driver A’s distracted driving was the cause of the crash. Let’s take another example. Let’s say Driver A hits a tree just off the highway, and that no other vehicles are involved. This is a true one-car accident. In this situation, there would certainly be a presumption that Driver A was at fault. But what if Driver A lost control and hit the tree due to the unreasonably dangerous condition of the highway? In that situation, the driver might be able to make a claim against the governmental agency responsible for maintaining the road.

Defending Yourself

If you’re involved in a single-vehicle accident, but you’re confident that the crash was not your fault, you must gather evidence as soon as possible. Report the accident to your car insurance carrier. If there were any witnesses to what happened, get their contact information. If you think you crashed due to a vehicle defect or mechanical failure, get the car checked out immediately. Do not drive the car away from the accident scene. Have the vehicle towed to a qualified mechanic as soon as possible, and have a thorough inspection done.


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