Premises liability arises when a person is injured by a dangerous condition a property owner creates or is aware of and fails to remedy. Our firm provides knowledgeable assistance to people who have sustained injuries such as fractures, head trauma, back injuries, neck injuries and other serious injuries in slip and fall accidents. We are experienced in representing individuals who sustain injuries on properties such as retail stores, restaurants, retirement homes, and fast food establishments. Our expertise may be the key to your success in this area of law, especially if your claim involves a large corporate defendant willing to fight your claim.

Over 70% of falls occur due to dangerous conditions and hazards. Dangerous conditions that cause slip and fall accidents frequently result from poor design or improper maintenance. Other hazards are created by slippery surfaces and substances, such as areas with food or water spillage. Other injuries are the result of a negligent act, such as leaving a hose or other object in a walkway or hallway.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s neglect, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover the costs involved to pay for your medical bills, lost earnings or other pain, disfigurement, emotional distress or permanent physical disability you have suffered. To bring a successfully slip and fall claim, plaintiffs must prove the property owners either failed to maintain the property or created an unsafe condition which caused the injury, or knew about the dangerous premises or unsafe hazard but then did not alert visitors or tenants of the danger. Call us today to find out how we can help you resolve a potential slip and fall claim.