Proving Someone Keyed Your Car

Keying a car is vandalism that can get the person doing it in trouble with the law.  It’s one of those acts that people do at night on a deserted street, often as passive-aggressive revenge or sometimes random mischief. Read on to learn more.

Keying A Car

Car keying can be defined as using the small end of a key to scratch or create a dent in a vehicle. Usually it is an intentional act, done out of spite or as an act of revenge. It can also be simply a random act by a person walking past.

Finding Evidence

You may think you already know who the suspect is. If you’ve had issues with a neighbor, especially issues involving vehicles like parking, you may feel that’s your suspect. Perhaps you and an ex are battling it out with in divorce court, you should never act on these suspicions. if you saw someone keying your car, you have sufficient evidence to go to the police. It will be your word against theirs, so it may not get very far in court. Similarly, if you can find a neighbor who saw the vandalism being done, that can also serve as evidence for the police. Finally, if you live in a city, the deed may have been caught on someone’s home security camera or, if you were near a business, on the store’s camera.

Handling The Damage

If the key mark didn’t go deep enough to scratch the paint, you can do a quick repair yourself. Wash the part of the car that was keyed. When it is completely dry, rub shoe polish into the scratch, then use sandpaper, dipped into a solution of water and dish detergent to lightly sand the key mark. Alternate 60-degree angles to the key mark in short strokes. Finally, apply a rubbing compound and hand buff out the scratch. As a last step, use car wax and a microfiber cloth to polish the area.


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