I would recommend The Bradshaw Firm to anyone and already have. I was in a car accident in Aug of 2012. The accident did not seem to bad at first and I was VERY against calling a lawyer. At first the other insurance company was helpful but that didn’t last long. My husband called The Bradshaw Firm and I reluctantly went in to talk to them. Mark and Mason noticed I was uncomfortable and sent me to urgent care – which in turn sent me to the ER. This was 2 days after the accident. They helped me with finding the GREATEST doctors. I ended up having 3 surgeries, in a yr and a half. They called and checked on me when they didn’t have to. They always answered my calls or emails. The Bradshaw Firm also helped me recover a loss on my vehicle which I would have had no idea how to do or that it was even possible! They recovered the max amount on my medical. I could not be happier – My only regret – I didn’t call sooner. THANK YOU THE BRADSHAW FIRM!!!!!
Colleen HCar Accident CaseMesa, Arizona

  1. July 13, 2017

    I had the most pleasant experience with Mason Bradshaw today. He is a very professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, caring, and honest lawyer (VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND!!). Although he was not able to take my case, he spent A LOT of his time speaking with me about my case & offered excellent personable care. I highly recommend Mason & appreciate all the time he spent with me. Keep up the good work!!!

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